The easiest way to run static analysis.
DeepSource is an automated code review tool that continuously analyzes code for security vulnerabilities, performance issues, bug risks, and anti-patterns, and helps developers discover and automatically fix these issues in code before shipping to production.

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DeepSource Discover
Make your first meaningful open-source contribution
DeepSource Transformers
Run code formatters — on autopilot.
DeepSource for Go
Static analysis you'd actually use
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  • Launch
    DeepSource Discover helps you find code quality issues in thousands of open-source projects that use DeepSource. Scroll though a list of issues, find an issue that you want to fix, and make a contribution to improve the project's code quality.
  • Launch
    DeepSource Transformers removes the need for manual setup to make your project’s code stick to a style guide. Set it up once, and watch as DeepSource sends pull requests to your repository, or updates commits w/ formatted code in an existing pull request.
  • Launch
    DeepSource's Go analyzer detects over 150+ issues including bug risks, anti-patterns, and security vulnerabilities. Integrates with GitHub and GitLab. Free for open-source repositories.
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    #4 Product of the day
    DeepSource ranked 4th Product of the day for Feb 17, 2019 with 152 upvotes and 12 comments
    Feb 17, 2019
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    With seamless integration with development workflows and version-control providers, DeepSource saves tons of time and effort in hunting common bugs and in manual code reviews. It also enables tracking key source code metrics -- like documentation coverage, dependencies, etc. easily.