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See what your friends or coworkers really think about you so you can optimize your behavior. Our goal is to help you clearly see what you're doing great at, where your blind spots are, and how you can improve. for startups for startups
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  • Launch
    Cosight was launched 7 months ago to give everyone a fast and easy way to get peer feedback. Since then, people from all over the world have used Cosight for 360° Peer Reviews and today we're launching 2.0 with several new products.
  • Launch
    Actions is a collaborative network where you accomplish tasks and start habits with 50 of your closest friends or co-workers.
  • Launch
    Tools to improve any team:
    - Combined 360 reviews for one TeamView
    - Track behavior trends as people come and go
    - See how your team is doing compared to others
  • Launch
    Gold gives you more of everything:
    ➕ Unlimited peer reviews
    💬 Discuss with your reviewer
    📈 Track your behavior changes
  • Launch
    Spotlight is where you recognize people publicly:
    Friends, family, coworkers - everyone feels encouraged when they're recognized by their peers.
    Recognize someone who you appreciate!
  • Launch
    Cosight is the place to find out what people really think about you.
    We all have blindspots - but now it's easy to see what they are!

    😎 Discover where you're doing great
    🔨 And where you can improve
    📈 Then track your changes over time