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Copysmith was ranked at #4 AI and Machine Learning for 2020
#4 AI and Machine Learning Product of the Year
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What is Copysmith?
Generate high-performing product descriptions, ad variants, taglines, landing pages & blog posts. See how your ads would actually look once deployed. Edit & manage your copy. ⠀ Supercharge your content marketing with a free trial & 50% off with PRODUCTHUNT50 ✨
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Copysmith Chrome Extension
Copysmith uses cutting-edge AI to generate and enhance your product descriptions, ad copies + more in your Google Chrome browser. Create, edit & optimize your content on any platform, to supercharge your productivity & conversion rate like never before.
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Robot Cupid by Copysmith
Robots are here to save your Valentine's Day! Send a card to your crush — you can always play it cool by saying "Look how awesome AI is" ;) Tweet your cards & how the recipient reacted to @copysmith_ai - 1 brave romantic will win a Doordash dinner for two 💌
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