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What is Better Sheets?
Better Sheets is a suite of tools, templates, courses, and videos to help you do more in Google Sheets than you ever imagined. Learn how to not only run a store in Google Sheets but create a Marketplace. Or sell google sheets directly on any marketplace.

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Tiny Sheets by Better Sheets
Tiny Sheets is a free Google Sheet Add-On to create 1 cell sheets. Also, delete unnecessary rows & columns in your existing tab/sheet, in 1-click as well. Use Tiny Sheets to create a 1 column sheet, or a 1 row sheet too.
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Atomic Sheets by Better Sheets
Library of components you can instantly add to any Google Sheet.
Add landing pages to sheets your users use. Create lead magnets with Google Sheets. Add Social Share Buttons to your sheets you share. Create better Google Sheets that people won't cringe at.
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