Your automated portfolio and article backup.
Authory is our attempt at helping journalists to (a) keep their readers personally up to date on new articles and to (b) easily keep track, browse and search through all of the articles they have ever written, regardless of where these articles were published.
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    Authory is the one solution for all journalists, thought leaders, bloggers and writers:

    - Back up all articles automatically

    - Turn readers into email subscribers

    - Find out how stories perform on social media

    Check out TechCrunch's Alex Wilhelm at Authory:

  • Launch

    Your one solution for everything:

    - Back up all your articles automatically

    - Build your own email following

    - Find out how your stories are performing on social media.

    Example of a public Authory page: The private page, accessible only by the respective journalist, includes the full text version of all articles + images.