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  • Announcement
    #5 Product of the day
    Routemap ranked 5th Product of the day for May 23, 2022 with 221 upvotes and 9 comments
    May 23, 2022
  • Launch
    Routemap is an advanced roadmapping tool in Jira for discovery, planning and communicating your product, project and portfolio strategy.
  • Launch
    Want to keep your Jira issues safe from secrets & PII information?
    No More Secrets for Jira can help!
    - Detect secrets like access tokens & PII information in Jira issues
    - Scan existing Jira projects on demand
    - Get notified when new secrets are detected
  • Launch
    The simple but powerful visual feedback & bug reporting app for Jira. Less time debugging. More time building great software. Snapshot's browser extension works seamlessly with Jira, so everyone on your team can create detailed issues in seconds.
  • Launch
    Best way to manage your OKRs in Jira. Align your daily work to the company strategy with OKRs. Focus on what really matters by tracking your OKRs in Jira.
  • Launch
    Supersona adds customer empathy to Jira issues. Create customizable and easy-to-use buyer personas to align all of your dev, marketing and service teams around a very customer-centric vision.
  • Launch
    The Dependency Mapper plugin for Jira allows you to monitor issues from both a top-down and bottom-up perspective, allowing your entire team (or even stakeholders) quickly identify bottlenecks - before they become problems!
  • Launch
    Yet another Planning Poker app? We have plenty of those already 🤔
    “I haven’t found a tool that doesn’t slow the process down"
    User comments such as these provided a hint that a different approach was needed and the seed behind Smart Guess was planted...