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4 hours ago I was motivated to build and launch something TODAY! This project is build without code on I found it hard to get a list of good digital artist to follow, so I built my own. Users can submit & edit their own favorite digital artist.

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Create a free custom QR code with our easy-to-use generator
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    Create a professional and branded QR code. Simply choose from 24 different QR code layouts, customize your QR code with the colors you want, then upload a logo or icon for a totally personalized and branded QR code.
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    Create a professional and modern invoice in less than two minutes. Simply choose from 3 different layouts, upload your logo, and enter your invoicing details. The invoice is ready to send to your clients.
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    Create a professional, customized email signature in less than two minutes with Mention’s free tool. Choose from 6 different layouts, pick a color scheme that matches your brand, and add custom links to your social media.
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    We analyzed over 100 million Instagram posts shared across 1 million users to give you the most complete, up-to-date resource on Instagram marketing - for free. Instead of guessing what works, rely on our data and expertise to make sure your Instagram strategy is fully optimized and up-to-date.
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    Mention’s Standard Alert allows you to eliminate noise and get super accurate results without having to worry about query-building rules. Thanks to the power of Boolean operators, you can now take your social listening and media monitoring to the next level.
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    Find out what the internet is saying about the biggest retail brands in the world. We created a live dashboard to track the online conversations around the retail industry: see data around the top global retailers' influence, insights, sentiment, top hashtags used, and more!

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