Archie is your personal Google Analytics Data Scientist.
Archie is an Artificially Intelligent Data Scientist. You can communicate with Archie in Natural Language and using your Voice.

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Archie.AI Chrome Extension
Talk to Google Analytics from your Chrome browser
Effortlessly compare Google Analytics funnels by Archie.AI
Archie.AI Email Bot
Cut through Google Analytics with free, weekly emails
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  • Launch

    Archie.AI is a chatbot for Google Analytics. You can talk to Archie about your data in plain English.

    With the chrome extension, you can now talk to Google Analytics from your chrome browser without having to go to Google Analytics website.

  • Launch

    Use your Google Analytics data to instantly create and compare conversion funnels side-by-side.

    Compare the performance of your funnels across all segments. (e.g. URL, country, device, browser, OS etc.)

    Find out the highest and lowest converting segments of your website.

    No coding required, 2 minute setup time.

  • Launch

    Cut through the clutter of Google Analytics with AI powered, free, weekly emails.

    Get key predictions, analysis and highlights on your web traffic from Archie, The AI Data Scientist. Save time and make better decisions.

  • Launch

    Talk to your Google Analytics data in plain English using Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Chrome Extension etc.

    Save up to 60% time spent on data accessing and analysis using Archie.

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