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followers, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington, that focuses on e-commerce, cloud computing, digital streaming, and artificial intelligence.
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The Adventures of Women in Tech Workbook
A life-tested guide to building & advancing your career tech
AWS Amplify Studio
Figma designs to cloud connected-React components on AWS
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Grow ecommerce by converting shoppers with Prime

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    Whether you’re at the start of your career or building skills along the way, The Adventures of Women in Tech: The Workbook guides you through your thought processes and helps you build the tools you need to more than survive and thrive in tech.
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    Grow your ecommerce business by converting more shoppers with the Prime badge – offering fast, free delivery and a checkout experience shoppers know and trust.
  • Launch
    Our natural body deodorant is made of 100% premium natural mineral salts from the heart of Thailand. It neutralizes the bacteria that causes odor without clogging your pores. It is effective for up to 24 hours, it dries instantly and leaves no white residue.
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    Amazon has launched it's medical service: Amazon pharmacy making it easier for customers to get prescribed medication right from Amazon
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    Care Hub is a free feature in the Alexa app that lets you remotely check in on family members. You can get notified based on activity or if they ask for help.
  • Launch
    All-new Blink Outdoor and Indoor, wireless, weather-resistant HD security camera with two-year battery life and motion detection.
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    Introducing Luna, Amazon's cloud gaming service where it's easy to play great games on devices you already own. No waiting for lengthy downloads or updates — just play.
    *Now in Early Access*
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    Amazon steps into the world of haute couture with Luxury Stores aiming to proved a more luxurious experience. Brands will have more control over their stores and be able to form more presonal relationships with customers. Biggest surprise, no customer reviews.