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On Air you can finally record and store unlimited video in 4K Ultra HD, and our paired web app lets you access your gallery on any connected device.
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18 Cities. 1400+ Photographers. America, 2019 – 2020.
Air for Adobe Premiere Pro
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    Air automates how you organize, find, track, and collaborate on images & videos. You deserve better than cloud storage—reclaim hours wasted in Dropbox, Box & Drive.
    Air 3.0 includes Canva & Adobe integrations, kanban, and much more. Get started for free.
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    Air's new remote video collaboration system gives your entire team access to the same media, all from within Premiere Pro. No more shipping expensive hard drives — your team's post-production workflow is now centralized and more efficient than ever before.
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    #2 Product of the day
    The Agency Directory ranked 2nd Product of the day for Jul 30, 2021 with 348 upvotes and 44 comments
    Jul 30, 2021
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    Browse our library of 1000+ agencies offering services in marketing, design, creative production, social media, PR, and more! Filter by location, services, and size to find exactly what you’re looking for. Your search for the perfect agency ends here.
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    Air is a workspace for your team's content. Today, we're releasing Air Lift for Mac & Asset Versions — two features that make work faster, more flexible, and collaborative. Upload your folders & files right from Mac's menu bar and track changes with your team.
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    #5 Product of the day
    Air 2.0 ranked 5th Product of the day for Sep 24, 2020 with 333 upvotes and 36 comments
    Sep 24, 2020
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    Collaborate creatively! Bring your team and content together in a space for visual work. Finally a place to access, share, and play with the images and videos that tell your story. Available on web, iOS, and Android.
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    You give us a username, we'll show you their first photo. Spoiler alert: There's a 60% chance it's a blurry, overly-filtered picture of a Bath & Body Works candle 🤷‍♀️