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What is Ahrefs?
You don't have to be an SEO pro to rank higher and get more traffic. Join Ahrefs – we're a powerful but easy to learn SEO toolset with a passionate community.

Ahrefs tech stack

We're aware of 4 technologies that Ahrefs is built with. Ahrefs utilizes products like Cloudflare, Matomo Analytics in their tech stack

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Ahrefs Webmaster Tools
With Ahrefs Webmaster Tools you can:
1. Audit your website for 100+ common SEO issues (& get advice on how to fix them);
2. See what keywords your website is ranking for in Google search;
3. Find all websites that are linking to yours.
All for free.
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Blogging for Business

If you're struggling to get traction with your blog and have no clue of how to turn it into a passive source of new customers for your business - you're going to enjoy this free course! It is "based on a real story" of how Ahrefs Blog went from a publication that hardly anyone knew existed into one of the most popular and reputable blogs in the (highly competitive) SEO industry.

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