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Zynq gets your employees back to the office safely.
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Hello PH! 👋 Zerzar here, one of the founders of Zynq Workspace. You may remember us from our last product, which helps you schedule meetings instantly with people at your company. Many of our customers are thinking about how they'll reopen offices and we created a product to help them do that. It's critical that we transition safely to this new environment. We believe the office of the future should be a drop-in environment -- used as needed, instead of with assigned seats from 9-5. It should abide by physical distancing guidelines, and shared resources should be disinfected upon use. With Zynq, you can do this easier than ever. How it works: * You design a floor plan according to your company's needs * Zynq allows employees to book desks on demand * Zynq helps enforce safety rules (e.g. less than X people in a meeting room, or in the office, or forced disinfection of desks between uses) * Zynq presents rich data about desk demand, so you can adjust the floor plan as needed * If an employee gets sick, you can use Zynq to perform contact tracing so you can notify others to take needed precautions This is a paid product but we provide white-glove service to make sure your return to the office is seamless & safe. We'd be happy to share the knowledge we've learned from all our customers. Is there anything else we missed? Let us know!
Sounds like an awesome product, very much needed in these times
This is great @zerzar_bukhari1 !! Totally agree with the concept of drop-in vs. the traditional route, especially as the work landscape changed. I love the easy to understand layout and that you customize it based on customer needs. Are there plans to extend this service to frontline workers currently with scheduling needs?
@lyn_chen thanks Lyn! We don't have plans to focus on frontline worker assignment at the moment, but happy to speak with customers with those needs!
@zerzar_bukhari1 Thanks for the reply!
Make the most of the space you have!