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    more AI

    I suggest to implement "Virtual Zwift trainer" functionality: more customized training. Zwift has many data about user training. So more customized training can be suggested to user, tracking improvement and suggest how to improve.

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Jake@jakelprice · Web Developer
I would love to see this with integrations with the HTC Vive or the Rift. Then I think you'll not only get current cyclists involved, but a whole new audience as well.
Mykel Nahorniak
Mykel Nahorniak@mvkel · CEO, Localist
@jakelprice The problem is sweat. Any level of indoor cycling involves a lot of it. Until they make washable "mounts" for VR goggles, it would be pretty gross.
Justin Maxwell
Justin Maxwell@justin_maxwell
@mvkel @jakelprice exactly. the only people who want VR integration right now are the ones who don't use a trainer. It's not just sweat. There's a reason we take our sunglasses off on hill climbs and often even unstrap our helmets. A heavy object clamping down on my face and reflecting heat back to me as i'm suffering is undesirable. Do I fumble around in space to put my water bottle back? There are too many VR goggle edge cases unrelated to the objectives of Zwift that get in the way of the benefit. Lightweight sunglasses projecting front-view with AR in 5 years, perhaps.
Bret Prins
Bret Prins@bret_prins1 · Web Developer + Coffee Snob
@jakelprice How am I going to find my water bottle when I'm suffering?
craig wiggins
craig wiggins@oxala75 · instructional designer
@jakelprice definitely getting the real 'Black Mirror' experience at that point.
Jake@jakelprice · Web Developer
@bret_prins1 The same way I find anything when I am using my Vive, by smashing into everything 😂
Joshua Ooi
Joshua OoiHunter@joshuaoxj · Singapore
Zwift is an online community of like-minded athletes united in the pursuit of a better indoor training experience. Created by cyclists for cyclists, Zwift brings the things we love about outdoor cycling indoors and adds a dose of fun. Yes, fun! How do we do it? We start with the best of massive, multiplayer video game technology - our “Zengine” - add in a little voice communication and a whole lot of math. Zwift works across multiple platforms seamlessly connecting to all your existing devices wirelessly via ANT+ and *Bluetooth Smart protocols. The result? An engaging indoor cycling experience that motivates and entertains. But don’t take our word for it - request an invite today.
Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Saw this on @brianp's Snapchat the other day. This gets me excited for the future of VR fitness. 🚴
Mykel Nahorniak
Mykel Nahorniak@mvkel · CEO, Localist
As a competitive cyclist, I was an early tester of Zwift and converted to a paid subscriber as soon as it became available. Zwift was a major reason I had my best-ever season of racing this year. Before Zwift, an hour on the trainer would be mentally excruciating. I've done several four-hour sessions in Zwift without batting an eye. It wrecks you physically (in a good way), but keeps you mentally fresh. Here's hoping their business model is sustainable!
Dustin Richard Locke
Dustin Richard Locke@dustinlocke · Designer
Is the idea to get hard core cyclists in the off-season or is it aimed more at the Spin/Soul Cycle crowd?
Justin Maxwell
Justin Maxwell@justin_maxwell
@dustinlocke the hardcore and the aspiring. it still requires internal motivation and an interest in actual cycling, so not exactly in line with the spin crowd.
Mykel Nahorniak
Mykel Nahorniak@mvkel · CEO, Localist
@dustinlocke Definitely the former. So the market size is tiiiiiiny. :)