Your social reading list. Save stories to read, together.

Zuster is a new social reading list. Save articles you want to read, on desktop or mobile. Share your favourite ones with friends. For each article you also get a quick read option, where the most important sentences are chosen by a machine learning algorithm.
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I noticed that I oftentimes forgot to read the cool articles which my friends had sent me on Whatsapp or Facebook - although I really wanted to read them. So I did some user research and noticed that many others actually have exactly the same problem. There are obviously Pocket and other read-later apps, but those are focussing purely on your own reading list, and I also do not find them very engaging to actually read what you have saved. The quick read functionality idea was born when people told me that they sometimes do like to know what a story is about, but not in full depth. I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!
@fabian_kutschera Great idea! Already uploaded but the login function seems broken.
@anna_panchenko Hi Anna! Thanks for using it! I just answered to you in the chat, this should fix it I hope. For others: You can only use the Browser Extension if you already have created a user account created in the App or on the WebApp.
Love the NLP integration to parse article summaries. Looking forward to trialling this πŸ‘
The product is currently in BETA, use the invitation code PRODUCTHUNT to signup
This is awesome! The quick read feature is a great idea
Helps me to reduce the number of tabs I keep open on my browser to read later :)