3D printed shower heads for the wild at heart 💦


Zooheads designs and sells wild showerheads made with 3D printing and eco-friendly materials.

All Zooheads are made on-demand in Brooklyn, NY and will fit any US shower pipe and can be easily installed.

10% of profits are donated to the Wold Wildlife Foundation to support their mission to conserve nature on Earth.

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Dru Lang
Becca Cory
Max Friefeld
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  • Max Friefeld
    Max FriefeldEngineer, 3D printing, Manufacturing

    much wild, extra friendly, great water pressure


    Need more designs!

    I actually own one of each, but the T-Rex, Dragon, and elephant are my favorites. They’re a great way to wake up in the morning, and I hope this gets some serious interest so we can design more!

    Max Friefeld has used this product for one month.
  • Matthew Cowsert
    Matthew Cowsert2018 MBA Candidate, NYU Stern

    Looks great, water pressure is strong, and it was easy to install



    I bought this for my son as an Easter present (he's 2) and he loves taking a T-Rex shower. His enthusiasm for daily showers is at an all time high, thanks Zooheads.

    Matthew Cowsert has used this product for one week.
  • Pros: 

    Cute, colorful and actually provides great water pressure!


    I can't have more than one animal at once

    My favorite is currently the T-rex though the elephant looks amazing. Can't wait to try/see what new animals come out next!

    Becca Cory has used this product for one year.
  • xana orlenko
    xana orlenkoMarket Research Adviser, based in UA

    brings extra nature touch to one's home


    does not look naturalistic in terms of colors for animal lovers style eco, too naturalistic for sun style lover - more versatility in style

    a bit more versatility in style will definitely make me a fan - so far a bit in a 'middles' zone in terms of design

    xana orlenko has never used this product.
  • Maya Vera
    Maya VeraSoftware Engineer @ Voodoo Manufacturing

    Powerful conversation starter 😉


    I only have one shower

    I'm eagerly hoping for tardigrade and xenomorph showerheads!

    Maya Vera has used this product for one month.