An app that gamifies traveling

Whether you travel far and wide or like to try new restaurants in your hometown, you are an explorer. And Zonder is your mobile companion as you explore the world.

The beta is currently available for iOS and Android. Interested in joining the adventure? Sign up at www.zonderapp.com to receive your exclusive invitation key!

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What do you think is the most underrated city/country to visit? Mine is Panama because of the delicious ceviche and friendly locals.
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I'm a huge fan of travel and app sorts of apps that take on the gamifying approach. Is there any chance I could get an invitation key?
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@lindsey7607 Definitely! Sent you a message.
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Why do we need to gamify it?
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@huangdun Well, we don't need to, as travel and exploring new places is pretty darn fun on its own. But we want to turn it into a game and a more social activity, where people can collect or compete while experiencing new things. Think of it as the difference between volleying with your friends in tennis versus playing a tennis game with points.
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Can I get an invite , I travel a lot
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@magiccookies Messaged!
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What is the difference between this and foursquare?
@jessehojjensen Zonder doesn't require any action from the user to check-in and receive credit, although you can correct a location if the GPS detection was a bit off. The game content is also more extensive with over a hundred badges and several different categories to level up in. We're constantly building on the gaming aspect to ensure that users have more achievements to earn.
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