Stop paying separately for email marketing + email validation services, and cut your marketing bills instantly.
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Here's how KIRIM.EMAIL can cut your email marketing bills: 1. Built-in, world-class email validation system. Powered by Zerobounce. Single pricing, and a single dashboard. 2. Continuous background checking for every subscriber that goes into your list. You don't need to validate your list ever again! 3. We're NOT counting duplicate email addresses; That means, when somebody subscribes 19 times on your email list, she will still count as one person. 4. Removing "Zombie Emails" automatically. Your list will always have real people inside. Combined, all of these automated list cleanings will save your email marketing bills hundreds of dollars a year. But, we're not just all cleaning. Everything that you expect from a great marketing tool is here. An ultra-fast 3 step markdown supported email campaign builder that won't get you in the way of writing great emails. A fluid email builder. Easy to use email automation. Landing page builder. Reports and tracking. Everything you need to create a great email campaign is here. You can also integrate KIRIM.EMAIL directly with Facebook Advertising. Sync your Facebook Lead Ads campaign directly with KIRIM.EMAIL. And then, sync your email list to Facebook Custom Audience automatically. Or use it directly with Google Ads Forms Extensions. You don't even need a landing page anymore to capture your leads. Focus on growing your business and start crafting your perfect message right now; let KIRIM.EMAIL works hard to deliver your message to real people.
Hello Hunters! There is an army of zombies infesting your email list and blowing up your email marketing cost. These zombies will never open your email, never buy anything that you offer on the email, never click a link. And yet, they still there. That's why we built KIRIM.EMAIL with built-in email validations (powered by Zerobounce) and Zombie Email Removal, so you don't have to maintain your email list ever again! Cut your email marketing cost, communicate with your real customers, and focus on your customer right now.
@fikry_fatullah Congratulations on the launch! 💯 Fikry & Kirim Email team!
After trying several email marketing services, I have to say this is the best and easiest for email marketing. It's reliable and effective in many aspects. 100% recommended.
One suggestion I would make is to run your site's content through a tool like Grammarly.
@adirtyhippieee Thank you! Will do that.
Great Service, really appreciate the way they operate