A teeny tiny MacBook charger

#3 Product of the WeekJanuary 09, 2015
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This looks really cool, except it looks like it doesn't work with the Apple Macbook, unless another accessory cable is purchased. 1. How much does the accessory cable to use on a Macbook cost? 2. When using the accessory cable for the Macbook, how fast is the charge? (I'm worried that it might be much slower) 3. When does this ship? It bugs me when there is a place to preorder a product, but the ship date (or at least estimated) is not made clear.
@dylanjha I agree. All it says is that "An optional Apple Mac laptop cable accessory will be available for purchase when Zolt ships."
@dylanjha agreed. How can they not have an estimated shop date but have a pre-order?
@dylanjha The optional cable to which they link does not have the correct cable end. They show accessory cables with an L connector and a MagSafe connector, but they do not show an accessory cable with USB-C, so I'd say this product is incomplete. They should go ahead and put a USB-C port on the stick itself, along with the USB-A ports, and make the product truly flexible.
Looks awesome. Love the 3 USB ports. cc: @aplusk
@aplusk @kristofertm LOL, it took me a moment but now I get the reference. 👏
Unfortunately, it doesn't ship outside of the US. Can someone explain why companies choose only to ship locally at the beginning? Love the design and it being cheaper than an Apple 60W charger, I think this is a winner! (If it ships beyond the borders of the US) ;)
@joshuaoxj Cost, I'll bet. My last physical product effort, was 2-3x more to ship a few hundred miles to Vancouver than to ship a few thousand miles to NY. EU was even worse. I mean yea, you can offer it with higher shipping price, but then you run into pricing psychology questions and potential logistical hurdles and ultimately it feels more sensible to give up and stick domestic until you've got things polished. (Also, I've never used Celery, so maybe they're feature-limited there as well.)
@joshuaoxj Likely tooling / manufacturing costs for a first version (shipping is a pain too) but the plastic plugs, metal and internals (voltage) are different in different countries. Just a thought.
@duanewilsonsf Now that was a point that didn't cross my mind! Thanks for the insight!
@hupfen that was what I thought initially but @duanewilsonsf does have a point about the voltage differences. Makes sense now :)
@duanewilsonsf @joshuaoxj Ah, of course! I completely forgot about that.
Since this is using a USB to charge a mac, it would be great if they also came up with a laptop-to-laptop charger that allows me to daisy-chain charge my Mac through my friend's plugged-in Mac just by plugging in to his USB
@arush I'd be surprised if the cables are actually USB > laptop power/Magsafe. Perhaps I'm totally misguided (as I'm not an electrical engineer) but as far as I know you can only draw ~3 watts from USB. (My rMBP magsafe charger is outputting 85w, so it would take ~28 times longer to charge from USB). Though I'm guessing on this/remembering physics from class years ago, perhaps someone with more real knowledge can chime in.
It's not clear to me from the site/video how this charges laptops. Does it come with a USB->magsafe2 cable? Having trouble seeing the benefit here, other than design. I already use my laptop USB ports to charge my devices, so this really only saves me a few ounces in a 20-30lb carry-on when I travel. Still need all the cables, presumably it charges more slowly over USB power(?), and isn't much smaller than my current Apple power brick. It's beautiful, so I'll come back and look at reviews if/when mine dies. But that doesn't seem likely from past experience.
@staringispolite It took me a while to find but if you look at compatibility section it says: "*Optional Apple Mac laptop cable accessory available for purchase when Zolt ships"
@staringispolite See my (guess) comment replying to @arush as well, but USB -> Magsafe2 seems impossible. Well, possible if the port can handle it, but not following the USB spec. So either the cables are proprietary and do something clever in the handshake to tell the charger 'yup it's cool to send me 30x the power you'd send a USB device' or something else is happening that I don't understand. *Edit: According to the FAQ the device can output upto 70W which seems good for this, would easily handle a macbook air and a phone. My computer uses an 85W charger so pretty close.
@willimholte @staringispolite @arush Yeah I didn't think that a USB port could even come close to providing the power a laptop needs. I'm not sure the max amps a USB gives, but its no where near what a laptop needs.