GitHub Chrome Extension to track and manage issues

Zokyo is a free to use chrome extension for GitHub developers. With Zokyo's extension, developers will be able to view all their assigned issues, edit any issue, add new issues to their repos, and go to each issue all from one UI accessible from any page.
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@khoo_adam Thank you for the feedback! If you're a developer often using GitHub then I hope it helps
Hello Product Hunt! My name is Vince and I've made Zokyo. I originally developed this chrome extension for myself since I was tired of tab hopping between my GitHub Issues or having to navigate to an issue just to edit or close it. I wanted a tool where I could do everything I needed with GitHub's issue management system without having to leave my workflow. Zokyo's chrome extension is completely free to use! The goal is to help developers manage and track their daily tasks in a more nonintrusive way. Currently, Zokyo only supports GitHub integration, but I am thinking about adding integrations with more platforms that developers use if I see that it'll help with their productivity. Developers out there, give Zokyo a shot and let me know what you think. I would love to hear your feedback, comments, questions, or requests. Thanks!