Zoho Sheet for Mobile

A cloud-based spreadsheet app with real-time collaboration.

Zoho Sheet is a cloud-based spreadsheet application that allows real-time collaboration, while providing all of the essential spreadsheet features. The Zoho Sheet mobile app for iOS and Android will make it much easier to work on the go. 

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Thank you for hunting the Zoho Sheet app @kwdinc! We're happy to announce the Zoho Sheet app for mobile devices. This app has been exclusively designed and customized for iOS and Android, and is available for immediate download on the Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Samsung Galaxy Store, and the Amazon App Store. Zoho Sheet is an online spreadsheet application that allows you to work and coordinate in real time with your team, from anywhere, using multiple devices. Some app highlights: Live collaboration - The app allows users to keep track of their data and work with their colleagues in real time, no matter where they are and what device they use. Sharing files with a huge audience is simple with shareable links. Functions and formulas - With more than 350 basic and advanced functions, multicolor range selection for differentiation, and helpful formula suggestions, we've made sure that the Zoho Sheet mobile app is on par with the web version. Visualize data - With our vibrant range of charts, you'll be able to view and analyze your data from your smartphone. You can choose to view graphs in full screen, with the added option to filter series. Interactive features - In addition to the traditional spreadsheet features, the Zoho Sheet app also adds checkboxes, smart links that allow you the option to call or text phone numbers listed in documents, as well as the ability to redirect zip codes directly to your navigation apps. Native OS support - Zoho Sheet gives users the most out of their device with support for OS-specific enhancements such as widgets, split view, quick action tiles, app shortcuts, deep links, and spotlight search. Availability - The Zoho Sheet app is available for iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones, and Android tablets. You can download it from the App Store, Play Store, or the Galaxy Store. The app is localized and available in more than 15 different languages. In addition to all of these features, Zoho Sheet also supports conditional formats, sort, filter, notes, images, hyperlink, freeze panes, zoom, and more. We're working on a lot of interesting updates for the near future, too! The app is absolutely free, so please give it a try and provide us with your feedback. 😄
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@kwdinc @sripathyramesh Hi! This is nifty. Can you walk us through the differences between Zoho Sheet and Google Sheets?
@kwdinc @nickabouzeid Thank you! Both the apps covers the basics required for a spreadsheet app such as functions, sorting, filtering, charting, etc., along with real-time collaboration. Where Zoho Sheet shines is better integration with the OS. For example, you can call by directly tapping a phone number in a cell or locate a zip code on a map. You can also send a spreadsheet directly from within iMessage. We support 15 languages including RTL languages like Hebrew. Things like Multiselect and Format painter helps in quick and consistent formatting of your spreadsheet. We also pay close attention to the performance of the app and we make sure we load your spreadsheets in a snap. Things like loading and scrolling large spreadsheets are faster and smoother than Google Sheets or even Microsoft Excel on iOS. These are some of the things we do well. Google Sheets on the other hand has offline support, commenting on cells, explore option, creating data validation rules and so on. We are catching up on these things. We do support commenting on cells and data validation on our web app. On our mobile app, data validation rules will be honoured but you can’t create new rules yet. Offline support is in our roadmap. Do give it a try. I truly believe you will like it. If you have any feedback do share it with support@zohosheet.com.
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@kwdinc @sripathyramesh Congrats. I've always been impressed with Zoho as a Google alternative — it doesn't have the same hyper-polish as a Google product, but often loads faster and just works right away. Checking this one out now.
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@sebastmarsh Thank you for your kind words. Do try the app and share your feedback with support@zohosheet.com.
@kwdinc @sripathyramesh 404 when pressinng the log in button at the top right when creating workbook https://www.zoho.com/sheet/help/... Zoho==zen stuff 🖖
I've been using multiple Zoho Products since 2012, for personal or clients as per my suggestion. It is great to know that this app now exists on mobiles. Thank you.
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@welvinrc Thank you! Do try out the app and share your feedback.
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Introduction Video Awesome!!!
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Awesome stuff. Loved the video and music.
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