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The integration between Zoho PageSense and Intercom will change the way you interact with your website visitors. Watch session recording to know how visitors engage with your website. Set goals, see how visitors achieve them, and trigger contextual messages.
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Naresh Kumar
Naresh KumarMaker@nareshbg · Product Manager @zoho
Thanks for hunting us, @ivinay We are really excited about the launch of the integration between Zoho PageSense and Intercom. Zoho PageSense is a complete A/B testing and conversion rate optimization platform. PageSense helps marketers track website visitors, analyze their behavior, and optimize conversions. Intercom is a customer messaging platform that offers a new and better way to acquire, engage, and retain customers. About the integration: Zoho PageSense integrates with Intercom to add context to your conversations. By enabling this integration, you can see how visitors traverse your website, know what actions they perform on a page, understand each visitor's journey, and guide them to take the desired actions. Session recording: Map your visitors' session recordings inside Intercom. You can view a video recording of what your visitors do on your website while you're chatting with them. Play, pause, and replay the video to analyze their behaviour, like navigation, click, and scroll patterns. Plus, you can see where your visitors get stuck and what makes them leave, so you can help them out with more context. Goals: Track how visitors perform sets of actions while on your website and map the goals achieved to your visitor in Intercom. You can also send targeted messages and mailers from Intercom based on the goals achieved by your visitors. We love to hear your feedback about Zoho PageSense and this integration :) We are also offering a 50% discount on our monthly listed price if you opt for an annual subscription. This is exclusive for Product Hunt users. So what are you waiting for? Try the integration today and start making smarter conversations with your website visitors.  Cheers, Naresh
VinayHunter@ivinay · Digital Strategist
With the integration, Zoho PageSense lets you view the session recording playback of the visitors who engage via Intercom.
Ashley Hanson
Ashley Hanson@alohmann · Product Marketing Manager, Intercom
At Intercom, we're thrilled about this integration and the value it'll bring to our customers 🙌 The app will be especially useful for marketing teams interested in boosting their conversion rates by understanding visitor behavior and targeting messages accordingly. It combines the power of Intercom's live chat and automation with the depth of Zoho PageSense's insights and analytics. Excited to be teaming up on this!