Zoho ContactManager

Contact management software, refreshingly simple.

Zoho ContactManager is an online contact management software that lets you organize contacts, tasks, and deals in one place. Managing your business contacts just got easier.

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Every business needs a CRM. We have been using Zoho CRM for the past 8 years, and it's amazing, but it's also overkill for many businesses that just need a simple way to keep track of contacts in an efficient and useful way. Zoho Contact Manager is a pared down version of Zoho CRM, but in a good way. They also added two killer features: the ability to tag contacts, which makes it much easier to categorize and identify leads; and integration with MailChimp for sending emails to groups of contacts. The latter feature is great because many businesses use MailChimp for sending bulk emails anyway, and although Zoho CRM has an option to send bulk emails via their system, it's clunky and doesn't integrate well with MailChimp which we are using anyway.
@miriamschwab Thank you for taking out time and hunting Contact Manager here! I really appreciate that and the entire Contact Manager team here at Zoho says a big thank you for the lovely note you've left! Contact Manager is built for businesses and teams that find CRM overwhelming. A lot of businesses we interact with aren't ready for a CRM or have a set of requirements that fit better into what Contact Manager offers. I'd like to take this opportunity to share that our MailChimp integration is a big hit and we've received so many emails from our customers thanking us. Here's more about it - https://connect.mailchimp.com/in... The best thing that keeps us motivated is the feedback from the user community. Please keep them coming. We'll be happy to answer any specific questions that you may have.