UI/UX thinking * traveling with liquids = ZIRUI GO Case

a magnetic travel toiletry case that is secure, sleek, and simple to use, all under TSA-approved sizes, so now you can travel with your favorite liquid care products with ease and style. We really redefined what a travel toiletry bag is with a software UI/UX mindset, optimizing every single user link.

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Hi everyone, I've worked on this product for over a year and now it's finally launched! You can get your preorder of ZIRUI GO Case via Kickstarter. https://www.kickstarter.com/proj... We designed this almost like a software product: how do we optimize user experience when traveling with liquid products? And the answer is this modular, magnetic, compact travel toiletry case that's under TSA size limitations, secure, sleek, and simple to use. It's like LEGO for bottles and cases, and is the first step we are taking towards our goal of mobilizing care and cosmetic products for the modern humans.
I've actually had that same problem and it sucked balls to get to my destination and have my clothes and suitcase full of shampoo and aftershave. Happy to see someone tackling the problem. When will you have something for men? Also, I've seen a similar product called XUBE, how are they stacking up to that one?
@martin_jeret Hi, Martin! This was designed for both men and women, and we have it in black as well, so this could definitely be for men as well! We are hoping this could be the first step to mobilizing care products for the modern human who are always on the go. And about XUBE, we did not know of the product during the development process, and after taking a good look at it, we think it resembles us in looks but not the functionality. Our products are all magnetic and can be taken apart easily almost like LEGOs, each module functions as an individual bottle as well. And even though the KS is targeted for liquids, the future products to come will include more intricate subcategories of grooming, beauty, and care products, and other designs that optimize how one travels with other forms of products such as powder, cream, gel etc. We hope you can support us on Kickstarter! Cheers.
Awesome idea. I have one also: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Please feel free to check it.