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A serious attitude adjustment, and some soul searching needs to take place, as well as acceptance criteria. Our food, drink & travel blog is once of the more successful ones in Cincinnati. Zipkick originally sent me a “CONGRAULATIONS, YOU’VE BEEN APPROVED!!!” email, and then, followed this up with (for some bizarre reason that is still to this day yet to be explained to me) not accepting me at all, BUT, also BLOCKING me on Instagram! I can only hazard a guess, but they must be embaresssd by their mistake and trying to cover it up!


There are no pro’s to report - IF the company was managed better & customer service team were better, this COULD be successful!


Lack of class. Support team are rude & sarcastic No reasoning or answers given. CEO had the exact same rude & dire attitude.

We have influencer standards and Sam falls well short of those in numerous ways.

Never got to meetup in Austin as discussed and never received a Logo T-Shirt ever though I was among original bloggers.


Networking is fantastic on many social media platforms and the theories are excellent.


Maybe better reaction to minor requests from people who support Zipkick.