Zicht Glasses

Combat eye fatigue and eye strain from gaming

Zicht Glasses are anti blue light gaming glasses collection aimed to protect our eyes from glare and harmful light emitted from mobile phone, laptop and TV where we spent most of our time on.

Stephen Tan
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    Affordable blue light filter glasses



    This affordable blue light filter glasses help to protect our eyes and enable gamers to game longer. Enjoy the game and protect the eyes.

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Zicht sounds like the way the German word for sight, Sicht, it's pronounced. Was it intentional? 😊
@anna_0x wondering as well, because it's actually the word for Sight in Dutch.
@jesse__muller haha well Dutch looks like funnily spelled German to me 😛 (it's probably the other way around for Dutch speakers) the languages are pretty similar
@jesse__muller @anna_0x Hi guys, Zicht is a game wear company focus on blue light filter technology. We want our company name to be related to vision, thus ZICHT was born. Hope this clarify the doubt 😀