Super simple chat in your browser 💬

Zhoo is a super simple chat app which is also available as a browser extension.

Free, secure & anonymous password protected chatrooms with self-destructing messages.

I wanted to chat with my girlfriend at work but I don't like constantly buzzing phone or using a phone at work in general. Didn't see any simple chats as extensions so I decided to implement ZHOO (which works as a web app as well). I wanted it to be super simple. No sign ups, google analytics or anything like. Just 2 clicks and you have a chat created. Security was taken seriously and was kept in mind at all steps. Messages automatically get deleted every 24 hours. I don't want to have access to that kind of data at all. I have a few ideas how to improve this app. So, if other people find it useful I will polish it, add more features, and open-source it. Let me know what you think.
Cool! I don't think I can persuade any of my friends to switch to another messaging platform but looks like a very simple and neat option for many people. Congrats!