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in the direction of sanebox and mailstrom
Hey guys, How is it different from I've been using it for years now, categorising each single email. The transaction cost is pretty high for me at the moment. Cheers
@mnlfrgr people love to copy a good thing. Pretty sure Unrollme dominates this category.
@mnlfrgr Basic functionality is similar to, but where they group primarily by emails address and name (which can create a lot of duplicated), ZeroMail goes a lot further and groups by actual service. ZeroMail also allows you to auto-digest any new newsletters you get. Would love for you to try ZeroMail and give us feedback! (
this seems pretty cool. it can group newsletter type emails into a daily digest (as well as other options)
So many email apps..... Love it
I gave it a go... it seems quite cool. Although couldn't see an App?