Zero To One

Peter Thiel's new book on Startups

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Erik Torenberg — Former Product Hunt
for those who haven't seen this @peterthiel AMA -- must-read:
Brad Holden — Principal, TomorrowVentures
@eriktorenberg Great AMA. Loved the response when someone asked whether Palantir was a front for the CIA. "No, the CIA is a front for Palantir"
Stuart Chaney — Engineer Airbrake/Exceptional/Rackspace
@eriktorenberg Bought. Mostly due to how awesome that AMA was...
Philip I. Thomas — Co-Founder @ Staffjoy
@holdenbrad If you're unfamiliar - check out the Palantir wikipedia page.Thiel co-founded the company with a little VC fund called In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel is an arm of the CIA.
Benjamin Hoffman — Software Engineer
@holdenbrad @eriktorenberg my personal favorite:

Q: Favorite rap artist?
A: Ben Horowitz
Dave Morin — Founder & Partner, Slow Ventures
This is bar none the best book on startups ever written.
Erik Torenberg — Former Product Hunt
@davemorin curious what was most compelling / biggest take away for you dave!
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