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for those who haven't seen this @peterthiel AMA -- must-read: http://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/com...
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@eriktorenberg Great AMA. Loved the response when someone asked whether Palantir was a front for the CIA. "No, the CIA is a front for Palantir"
@eriktorenberg Bought. Mostly due to how awesome that AMA was...
@holdenbrad If you're unfamiliar - check out the Palantir wikipedia page.Thiel co-founded the company with a little VC fund called In-Q-Tel. In-Q-Tel is an arm of the CIA.
@holdenbrad @eriktorenberg my personal favorite: Q: Favorite rap artist? A: Ben Horowitz
@eriktorenberg @peterthiel Reading this amazing book!
This is bar none the best book on startups ever written.
@davemorin curious what was most compelling / biggest take away for you dave!

I didn't agree with Peter's stance and thinking on all aspects. E.g. early specialization early in education.

But I think that's cool. Even the things I didn't agree with made me think and stretched my mind too.

If you are thinking about a startup or innovation, read this book.


The advice on co-founders knowing each other from past experieneces.


I think it is good as it stands. "Creativity, Inc" is a cracking book too.

This looked like an interesting book. However when you analyze companies and products in hindsight, its always easy to find the results that match your thesis. So looking forward to seeing what they came up with. (This was also a selection for our bookbuzz.email newsletter this week.)
"After reading this, you'll have no need for books again. Period." -Abraham Lincoln ... Just kidding. I think it's probably an extraordinary book. Perhaps the quotes from famous people are a little much. Looks like an exciting story.