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Sports betting using cryptocurrencies and blockchain


ZenSports is a robust mobile app that utilizes cryptocurrency and blockchain to facilitate sports betting at all levels. ZenSports allows recreational sports players to meet up and play sports for money (always been legal). ZenSports will be adding the ability to bet on OTHERS playing sports, including recreational, collegiate, and pro sports.

4 Reviews
Mark Thomas
Des Lovelace
John Maher
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  • Pros:ย 

    Awesome app! Great way to connect with people with common interests in sports.


    I love the app, as users get more active it will continue to grow!

    You can also find local players to compete in tournaments or pickup games

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  • John Maher
    John MaherNUTz Global Billiards and Pool resource

    It's theultimate sports app. It's the perfect companion to socialise with your sporting peers round the globe


    It's improving weekly with It's updates listening to its users and incorporatkng those suggestions

    Its the must have companion app for any sports enthusiast to have on their smart device

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  • Pros:ย 

    User friendly


    Needs more users to grow the community

    It's the app to have for those looking to find ppl to play

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  • Mikey Tongko Burry
    Mikey Tongko BurryFigure Skating Coach, Oakland Ice Center

    Easy to use and brilliant design.


    Have seen one yet!

    This app is Sports specific social media and allows me to connect with other athletes my area and around the globe ๐ŸŒ๐ŸŒโค

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