The future of your money, with A.I predictions.

ZenQalendar is an easy way to manage the future of your money, with πŸ€– A.I based predictions.

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πŸ“… The project: Ever had a question like β€œWhen can I buy that?” or β€˜Can I afford that vacation 6 months from now?”. The answer to those questions is ZenQalendar. ZenQalendar is a smart budget calendar which makes future predictions based on your spending habits. πŸ‘‹ Me: I’m on a mission to learn to code by making 6 projects in 6 months (this is 3 out of 6), with my final project being at the end of the year in December. The dream is to live from these projects by that time and help people across the world by building things that are truly helpful to those people. All feedback and bug reports are much appreciated. Go easy on me, I am still a total newbie dev! πŸ“Ί I vlog my journey here: https://www.youtube.com/lukehero 🐦 I post regular updates here: https://twitter.com/itsLukeHero πŸ“• I do a write up after each project here: https://medium.com/@lukehero