Zenkit for iOS

Work with Zenkit on the go


Zenkit for iOS is the perfect lightweight companion to your Zenkit account.

With Zenkit, you can collaborate with your team, track projects, build databases, or simply manage your personal to-do lists. Zenkit is flexible enough to fit any workflow, and powerful enough to run your business on.

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Jan König
Karl Lorey
Sammy Schuckert
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  • Pros: 

    Simple interface, does not try to mimick the web version but provides good on-the-go access to your info


    iPad Landscape mode ? could make a better use of the available screeen space

    (Tested on iPad) Clean interface, the important features of Zenkit cards and boards are here. OK there are no Kanban, Calendar or Mindmap views in this version, but to quickly check a project, update or add cards, it is fast and easy.

    Eric Bouchet has used this product for one week.
  • Sammy Schuckert
    Sammy SchuckertCo-Founder & CEO @ thangs

    A good to go overview of your content on Zenkit.


    Missing the multiple views on mobile. Probably on their roadmap.

    I like the way Zenkit is thinking beyond static one view only representation and interaction with content. They figured out a neat way to combine the advantages of spreadsheets, mindmaps, lists, and Kanban into one single tool. The flexibility to jump between these representations of your content, based on your needs, is the ultimate adavantage of Zenkit. Looking forward for see this capability on mobile too – probably on their roadmap.

    Sammy Schuckert has used this product for one day.
  • Bernie J Mitchell
    Bernie J MitchellBlogger | Podcaster | Freelancer

    Smooth to use! Robust for such a new app


    More views than list would be good - like a mindmap!

    In the month that I have been using Zenkit on iOS it has turned out to be the ONLY app I need to organise myself AND my projects.

    I was very happy with a combination of tallow and good keep, sometimes even a third app and a bit of Evernote here and there.

    Also, I am a long time fan of mind maps and in particular Mind Miester.

    So when Zenkit showed up I did think, oh 'just another Kanban board'!

    It's not just another Kanban board! It is a combination of the list, Kanban view, spreadsheet view and calendar view (with a real time sync with Google calendar - so when I add an event to a Google Calendar it show up right away on the corresponding Zenkit board.

    You could argue that the iOS app is 'just a list' - but this works for me as I have the right links in each card, I am planning faster and staying on track better than ever because I am forced to work from a list.

    I quite got my beloved trello to become a quick capture list maker!

    And for all those people still moaning they work best from a spreadsheet tell them they can import it directly into Zenkit and a respectable chunk of it will show up as a list on their phone a few seconds later.

    My one gripe is that I find the quick fire style of Mind Miester much better than the Zenkit mind map.

    But when the map done it still works to organise ideas into project steps.

    Mind Miester works better for me to design talks and blog posts because I can type faster and, arrange it and then export it as a word doc or text file.

    So over all I am deeply committed to Zenkit and it feels good being part of something small and robust than one of 20 million users.

    Bernie J Mitchell has used this product for one month.
  • Patrick Schüller
    Patrick SchüllerMarketing/SEO @Zenkit

    Great tool, great app!! Have been using Zenkit for a while. Now it´s even available on the go! Amazing!


    No better alternatives yet!

    My team and I have been using Zenkit primarily for day-to-day, collaborative project management and delegation. Looking forward to also using it, when I´m on the go. So happy, that the app is finally out.

    Patrick Schüller has used this product for one week.
  • Rico Meinl
    Rico Meinldual Student, novomind

    Simplicity, Overall functionality



    Zenkit is the greatest tool out there for personal and project management. Great UI, simple structure and really intuitive but extremely powerful at the same time! I started to use it for my personal Todo’s a while ago as I had more and more on my schedule and now I have begun using it for project management. Everyone go and check it out, I’m sure you’ll love it and it’ll make your life easier!

    Rico Meinl has used this product for one week.
  • Kishore Bhargava
    Kishore BhargavaPerpetual Learner, Confirmed Geek.

    Easy to use, Offline Access. Familiar interface.


    Needs ability to create collections.

    Zenkit for iOS is a great companion app for the service. As long as you use Zenkit on the web, this just becomes a great logical extension. Highly recommended for any Zenkit user.

    Kishore Bhargava has used this product for one day.
  • Radek Zaleski
    Radek ZaleskiHead of Growth, Netguru

    helps a lot in defining strategies in my company


    sharing is broken if you have lots of google accounts

    love this product, use it daily, founders are cool

    Radek Zaleski has used this product for one year.
  • Pros: 

    I can add items offline!


    It could be nice to be able to create new collections from the app too.

    Don't need anything i think.

    Magdalena Häfner has used this product for one day.
  • Rostane Gribi
    Rostane GribiFetching for news and seeking the best !

    It really makes you life Zen !!


    Better understand Kanban... but easy !

    I've been using ZenKit for a couple of months now and had the chance to try the App also, love it and looking forward for the next features !

    Rostane Gribi has used this product for one month.
  • Nourhan Ahmed
    Nourhan Ahmedquality control engineer

    very user friendly application ,well organized , fast and can work offline


    nothing really important to mention , but i hope that the mobile app can add new teams and collections soon like the web app

    Nourhan Ahmed has used this product for one month.
  • Pros: 

    Really nice design, task list like Wunderlist with DnD, I can edit every data field I created in web app.


    Kanban missing, Mind Map missing! Really need this also on mobile...

    I've been using the web app for almost a year. Imported every one of boards from Trello to Zenkit - I don't regret anything 😉

    Titus Roemer has used this product for one year.