With a minimal and intuitive user interface, creating flowcharts with Zen Flowchart is very easy and quick.
The online tool also has Export and Publish features, which allow users to easily share their work.
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Hello fellow makers! So excited to launch my first product on Product Hunt. Been working on this side project for a few months and I hope some of you will find this a handy tool. With already quite a few diagramming tools available on the market, I really wanted to create a simple flowchart maker that the average users could use. So I did away with all the advanced/unnecessary features and kept only the most essential ones. Please report any bugs / issues / suggestions to help@zenflowchart.com!
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@zenflowchart @nickhoang amazing! looks so incredibly simple. well done! do you plan to offer paid tiers for more advanced workflows?
@darynakulya Hi Daryna, thank you for your kind words! We plan to add more common flowchart shapes soon, and it will be for the premium tier we currently have. What kind of advanced flowcharts are you making to build? Would love to learn more about how you would use our tool.
Cool product! What’s the pricing model?
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@jmsuth Hi Jon, we offer a single Premium tier that includes all unlimited features for $19/year. Any new product upgrades will be push to this tier so you won't need to upgrade. We try to keep it simple and fair! Thanks for checking out our product!
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Perfect for jotting down rough ideas and planning. Really easy to use with that amazing UX
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@bikramjit_dasgupta Thanks, Bikramjit!
Great job!!😀 Will check it out.
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@ayush_chandra Thank you, Ayush!
Amazing UX! I've always been frustrated by flowchart tools. This one is a pleasure to use. Will be using this from now on. In fact, I'm using it right now! Looking forward to different shapes.
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@f_graciolli Thanks, Fernanda! Yes please stay stuned, we'll add more common flowchart shapes in the future.