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Thanks for hunting us @kinnth Zefyr scratches an itch I've had for years. A simple sales tool that syncs with Gmail: Does research on people, companies, and customers you email. Share contacts and correspondence with members of my team. Find any email address, Set follow-up reminders, Auto builds twitter lists from groups. Syncs one way to most CRMs to send over leads. More to come...
Help's you to manage your sales cycle as well as share contacts between your team. Still in Soft Launch with beta signup
@kinnth now open in a public beta.
been on this for 5 months.. very clean email clients and next level integrations. Tossup between Mixmax and Zefyr for me..
@jaronrayhinds Thanks so much! We're happy you're happy πŸ‘Š
This is really cool and definitely something we can use at my company! Well done Mike and Liam.
@sillaspoulsen Thanks Sillas! We appreciate the love. We're hungry for feedback on how we can make Zefyr more useful to everyone, so don't hesitate to reach out 😊
Awesome sales tool to talk about more expansive subject matter. These days our sales people can't be expected to be experts per each client as the research burden is too great - this alleviates that and I wish ya'll all the best!
@samir_doshi Thanks Sam! That's exactly our goal. We want to provide a research assistant that continuously finds and publishes content to your sales team to engage with your customers about.