An on-demand mobile messaging app.

Whats the big draw to take users away from Snapchat? Seems pretty similar
@bentossell The difference is that ZeeroChat only allows real-time messaging, meaning that both users will have to be online and on the app’s chat screen at the same time; a new chat will start when one user calls (just like a normal phone call) and a one-time chat screen will open when the push notification is accepted by the recipient. The chat screen displays only one user’s message at a time – so every new message will delete an existing one and the entire screen will be wiped out at when the chat is stopped. The app is designed for – stock traders, lawyers, couples, college kids and very private individuals who may want to chat/share heavily private information on the go and be assured that its not saved anywhere.
@joelokama you say its designed for stock traders and lawyers (among others) - but that just seems like confidential information could be discussed - with a high possibility of it being illegal. insider information etc
@bentossell Those were a few example of possible users of the app; just like Snapchat and Cyber Dust - stock traders, lawyers, politicians etc. may use ephemeral content sharing apps with either good and bad intentions... we enabled real-time/on-the-go sharing of such heavily private information that are not offered by others.
OVERVIEW: TRADITIONAL MESSAGING & ON-DEMAND MESSAGING CONCEPT FROM ZEEROCHAT A lot has changed since the advent of modern mobile communication technology and the default path has shifted from the traditional voice call to mobile messaging pretty fast, but users are still finding it hard to get quick responses when they send texts/chats to contacts; some users will have to wait until another user is online before they can chat in real-time except if a phone call is made to inform a recipient to come online for a chat. This is even more difficult if a user is unable to make that call because the recipient is at work and can’t talk. These problems have now been resolved with the creation of ZeeroChat, an app that allows users to send phone-call buzzes to other users and when the notification is accepted, a live chat screen is opened for a peer to peer sharing of HEAVILY PRIVATE texts, photos and videos in REAL-TIME. There are four emoji bubbles that are designed to splash on the entire chat screen and they all disappear in a fun way. This app also resolves the problem most users have with the privacy of their shared contents by allowing only one delivered message on the shared chat screens while both users are still chatting; every new message deletes an existing one and the chat screens are cleared when the chat closes on both user’s phone. When a user calls and the recipient misses the call, he/she is able to drop a non-real-time message that self-destructs when the recipient views and exits the chat screen.
Ready for use - Version 1.2.4
Congrats on launch!