Track your tasks and time them in the same place

Zask is a productivity tool that lets you manage your tasks and track time for them in one place with a rich user interface.

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Site barely works on mobile
Hey @idemonix! Do you mean the app itself or the landing page? The latter isn't responsive right now but the former should be working ok. It's still in beta, so I'd love any details on feedback you have.
@tbirand Hey, I was referring to the app, I wouldn't use an app with a landing page that broken on mobile so I didn't get that far!
@idemonix That's a very good point. The developer in me got so focused on the app itself, the landing page suffered for it. :) Will fix this week!
@tbirand Heh, if you read Indie Hackers, 90% of the interviewees state that building the product is the easiest bit. Converting people in to paying customers is a black art, and I bet if you check your web analytics you'll see that half is mobile. This means potentially half of your potential customers visits are a waste!