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Heyo Product Hunt! Today we're launching the first version of Zapier for Teams to help teams benefit from automation. Creating team accounts was one of our most requested features and one that we've been working on for about a year now. We believe that everyone—no matter their role—can benefit from automation. Cutting even 5 minutes of work from your daily routine can give you more time to focus on the human side of business. Team accounts are a step towards spreading automation throughout your entire organization. With Zapier for Teams, you can create teams, invite teammates, and cover the costs of everyone's usage on a single invoice. Everyone on your team gets Zapier's automation power without the use of shared logins or headaches from multiple employee invoices. There are a number of new features for teams like: - unlimited Zaps for everyone on your team (first unlimited Zap plan we've had) - one invoice to cover all your teams usage - team member get private workspaces for their Zaps - all team members get Zapier's most powerful features like Premium Apps, Multi-Step Zaps, Autoreplay, and Zaps that run every 5-minutes. - unlimited members. Grow your team as big as you want. - team owners can track the usage of their team - existing Zapier users can move Zaps from their personal account to any team account We'll also be working to keep improving Zapier for Teams. Next up we'll be focusing our efforts on the ability to share Zaps as part of a team and better collaboration features. You can read more about the launch and all the features of Zapier for Teams here: https://zapier.com/teams/ I'll be around all day to answer any questions. Wade
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@wadefoster Whoa. This is powerful.
@wadefoster I've been using Zapier for a while. This is awesome! I cannot afford that for our team tho, so a normal account is ok for now, but this is super great. All those features! Amazing! 🎉
@wadefoster been using teams for my company for 2 months now and been very happy with it. Thing is, we are using teams for external client account management. E.g. using a different email address/login for each client. Are there any plans to make teams more functional as an agency-type model? We are using 40-50k tasks/mo and that number is just going higher, teams has been great, just curious what the future vision for teams is. There's got to be a lot of potential with companies like ours who are using it as more of an "agency" model as our central API infrastructure for internal and clients. Keep up the awesome work! Can't wait for the sharing of zaps (:
Kind of a shame there were no replies from @wadefoster aside from the OP - was really looking forward to some discussion. /:
@alexhbass sorry for the slow reply. Agency is something we are investigating. Stay tuned!
Fantastic work Wade and team! You guys are really building an amazing service!
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Our company could not live without Zapier! Happy to see the teams product launched
Tremendous job @wadefoster + team! Really enjoyed seeing the execution + journey over the years. Looking forward a big future for you guys!🔥
Congrats @wadefoster! Such a killer feature!