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Hey Product Hunt! Thanks for checking this out! Here's some background on what's new today: https://zapier.com/engineering/z... The Zapier Command Line Interface allows developers to write Node JS apps to interact with the Zapier platform. You can connect APIs to allow Zapier users to triggers automations, search for data, and write data between applications. We'd be happy to answer questions about the platform. Thanks for hunting, Paul!
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@adamd no prob! i can't wait to use this for some app's i'm working on :)
This is really exciting to me. It's a huge fundamental shift in how the best apps get built on Zapier. Remember when iOS 1 only allowed webview apps? Then Apple opened up and allowed native apps? Thats the magnitude of this change, from a developers perspective. You can now build Zapier apps fully in code, locally, with tests and libraries, versioning, and collaboration using our new CLI.
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@mikeknoop could you give some examples of what you're envisioning being made with this?
@andrewwarner good question! For users, short term, this means more reliable integrations that leverage all the features of Zapier's platform (eg. triggers, actions, and searches) -- often times apps could accidentally make breaking changes or omit features because the web UI was limiting or hard to use. Long term, we'll be able to create new combinations of actions (eg. "lookup or create") that can be used to build more powerful Zaps.
@andrewwarner I have the same question
@mikeknoop @andrewwarner Would a good example be...lookup user in X app and then create Z action if Y happens. Maybe for you Andrew...cuz I know you love your bots lately...if X user sends your bot a message that it doesn't know how to respond to...zapier could send that message to you (or someone) via text or messenger maybe, who could then reply with an answer so it would both answer the message and teach the bot to answer like that next time the same question comes up.
Amazing tool, great support.
Building the CLI and the backend that powers it was a lot of fun. I want to write up a technical post on how it works, but the gist of it is: * Node.js CLI that builds deployable zips * AWS Lambda behind the scenes running the code * A very "RPC-like" interface that calls into the exported schema * It interops automatically with 750+ apps via our workflow editor Previously you could do similar things via our browser based GUI - but surprise surprise - engineers don't really like working in the browser! :-P
Congratulations on the launch! Amazing to see such a painless integration process integrated into Zapier!