Zap Bike Jacket

Glow-in-the-dark apparel for after-hours commuting

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I have one! The reflection is AMAZING but the dots do rub off. So if you use a messenger bag or a backpack be aware that at some point you'll just end up with a black jacket. My recommendation is to use panniers if you want this jacket.
@nikkielizdemere Also there's little particles everywhere. Whatever it is, those little reflective bits go all over the place. I'm not sure how much of it I've breathed in at this point... Haha!
"The key to the visibility is a proprietary textile Sugoi calls Pixel, a polyester-polyurethane blend onto which tiny glass beads are silkscreened. The beads are so small that you don’t notice them in daylight. But in the dark when light strikes them, the glass fragments reflect like an array of tiny mirrors, causing the entire jacket body to glow bright white. Hi-vis clothing isn’t a new idea. Most cycling apparel companies incorporate reflective piping and highlights to add after-dark visibility. The difference, however, is that the fabric in the Padrone pieces looks space age by day, whereas the Zap Jacket looks like any other shell in daylight." [video]
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