Zalster is a Slack bot and web-based platform for automating, optimizing and analyzing Facebook Ads.

Slack bot features includes:

👉 Quick performance overviews

👉 AI-based predictions

👉 Automated recommendations & insights

Zalster is a Facebook Marketing Partner.

Hello PH, This is Albin, from Zalster 👋 Our goal is to make Facebook Ads a relief - through a Slack bot. Looking forward to hear your feedback! We're all ears ❤️
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Looks like a great idea. Super helpful having this in slack. Are the tooltips supposed to load on the price chart? Curious how this tool could justify 5% of ad spend, seems rather steep, no?
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@yo Hi Troy! Glad to hear! Tooltips should be loaded only when you're hovering. 5% of Ad Spend is for our clients who wants to also utilize our platform for automated optimization, split testing, data visualization - along with a highly technical Customer Success team as a strategy partner. :)
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@pralbin for some reason they aren't loading for me :( That makes more sense, pretty cool @pralbin!
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Thanks for hunting @pralbin, please tell us more about the idea behind Zalster 🙂
Great job !! How does this work?
@ayush_chandra Thanks! 1. Create your account at (and approve Zalster's access to your Facebook Ad Accounts + Pages) 2. Connect your Zalster account to a Slack team 3. Enjoy!
Looks cool. Any deals for PH-ers?
@nash_h 30 day's free trial on the full Slack bot should be loaded when you're setting up your account :)