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#2 Product of the DayMarch 30, 2014
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@ozguralaz - Similarly, Google's reCAPTCHA solves over 200M CAPTCHA's a day to help digitize book. I just played through wave 15. Loving the music!
Z-Type was made a while back as part of Chrome Experiments to show off how awesome Chrome was. I love the relaxing music and the slow ramp up of difficulty. It's super simple but hard to master, and it gets all the "typing game" details right IMHO. Turn your sound on and check it out!
It is very inspiring example. Do you remember "Google tagging game?" People invited to tag photos. It is normally a boring job, but Google gamified this. While people compete in the game, millions of photos tagged. I think, in this area, there is a huge business model. Create a game, while people play a game, people produce a valuable output. In this example, people learn to type faster. Imagine to create similar things for fitness, dieting, quiting smoke...
A pretty simple game that is surprisingly fun. If you can typically type 50+ wpm skip Normal Mode and head for expert. I really wish we had games like this when I was learning to type in high-school-keyboarding class.
@staringispolite, I need a Chrome plugin that blocks games on ProductHunt so I stop losing 30 minutes here and there :)