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Because no one has a phone that can do this.
@ericdiepeveen Some people (like me) don't take the time get their phone out to write down every little to do task It is just an easier way to use your phone features The speech to text really impresses me. Thanks for this great product !!
@ericdiepeveen I think the idea of the product is more to create a habit of just clicking to note. Instead of: waking up your phone -> unlocking it -> find the app -> wait for the app to open -> take your note (I guess that's why we don't do it)
@ericdiepeveen @corentinmacias Say "hey Siri/ok google take a note" - and you're done. I honestly struggle to see the need for a single application hardware solution when it comes to taking voice notes.
There's literally an app for that: Braintoss. Works on Apple watch too (Maker here).
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