Make any VR game a workout πŸ₯ŠπŸ’ͺ

#3 Product of the WeekJanuary 06, 2020
Uses VR movement data to determine fitness metrics, across any game without hardware.
YUR Features:
- Calorie Estimates
- Leveling (1 XP = 1 kCAL)
- Fitness Goals
- Historical Tracking
- Multiuser Support
- Overlay
- Heart Rate Tracker Support (Optional)
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I already lost 13 lbs playing VR workout games on my Oculus Quest, and I used YUR's VR fitness mod for calorie tracking. #FitnessGoals2020 #Shoutout to @Beatsaber and Creed for motivation 🌟
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@beatsaber @nassaraf keep rockin' it like these cats.
@beatsaber @nassaraf Awesome. You should also check out Box VR, The Thrill of the Fight and Knockout League :-) Oh, Pistol Whip is also great I think!
@beatsaber @canolcer Totes: I started out on @knockout_league in May 2018 on my Rift, and I just bought the Thrill of the Fight Dec 24 during Oculus' holiday sale! πŸŽ…πŸ€—
@beatsaber @canolcer @knockout_league @nassaraf Audio Trip is another good workout. πŸ‘πŸ½
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Hey Happy New Year, hunters! Over the course of 2019, we worked to deliver the most comprehensive VR fitness tracker. We are proud to launch this product in the Product Hunt community. Across both desktop and mobile platforms like Quest, YUR can track calories burned without any extra wearable heart rate monitors. Counter-intuitive? Our very own analytics show that over 40,000 people use popular virtual reality games like Pistol Whip, Beat Saber, Creed Rise to Glory, and more to work out. That is also why NOW is the time to join YUR. Today, we will be rolling our leveling system out, setting a trend to count calories towards leveling yourself up to 60. Is it accurate? Our white paper, a write up of a peer review, is available at YUR.fit benchmarking YUR for various games. This quarter we will also be shipping an update to further increase the accuracy of our current energy expense approximation. If you know you need to shift some weight off, you need to increase your daily stand time, or feel low on engaging entertainment that is good for you. YUR in the right place. FAQs: https://yur.fit/faq Contact: https://yur.fit/contact-us Support: https://yur.chat - Dilan, Co-founder @ YUR
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YUR is a legit way to get fit while having fun, I’ve enjoyed using this to track my calories in VR while playing rad games
The fitness tracking feature across multiple VR titles and platforms with the ability to review all progress via their site. YUR was one of the first useful mods I installed early last year for Beat Saber and wished was available for other games. Now it's available to track my entire VR library without any extra steps or installs via their Steam version is amazing! It just made my 2020 gaming health goals a lot easier to keep track of and motivate me.
YUR Is awesome!
@tom_impallomeni Thanks Tom πŸ‘Ύ