Yummi - Log Your Foodprints

A fun and simple way to manage your food life🍜

Yummi is a next generation food platform that makes it fun and easy for users to manage their food life. Simple to track restaurants and dishes. Dining out or cooking in, log all your "foodprints" with your food photos. Never forget a meal. Follow friends and see where and what they are eating. Get daily food idea and inspiration from one another.

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Hi All, I’m Pete, the founder for this new food community platform. Thanks @bramk for the hunt and thank you everyone for checking out our app, Yummi. Let me start by asking. Are you a foodie? Do you enjoy taking photos of your food, whether casually or habitually? If you're one of those who rarely post your food photos on social media or review sites, what do you do with all our food photos? If you are like many of us who take food photos for the moment and want to document and remember the experience. But in the end, do nothing with your photos, leaving them unused or deleting them later, then Yummi is for you. The concept behind Yummi is simple. Majority, possibly 90% of foodies who take food photos, don't like to post them on social media. Don't like to be a show off. So we created a food-centric platform so foodies can freely store and organize all their food photos and track their food journey. By building a single food vertical platform focused on logging while integrating best practice tools from popular sites like Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest, Tripadvisor, Yummly, and so on, Yummi will be the ultimate food app that let users do it all in one place. This also solves a bigger problem where foodies today resort to using multiple platforms to do different things because none were created with food in mind. Because of this, food content is scattered and unorganized across so many sites making it very inefficient in how food information is stored and shared as well as a real disconnect in which food content captured, but is ultimately wasted without a trustworthy, food-centric platform. It’s super easy to start using Yummi. No need to wait for the next meal to create your food diary. Travelers love our app as a perfect traveling companion to track where they eat in the world. Users from 100+ countries have already downloaded Yummi. Over 30K+ restaurants are organically tagged in 2500 cities globally on Yummi. Users can join today with FB, Instagram, or Wechat social login. Here’s a web view of an expert foodie’s profile. https://www.yummi.me/profile/615. We welcome comments and feedback so please feel free to ask any questions. Thanks! -pete
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Hey @sino1one, Really like this idea - and have seen the problem you're talking about first hand as my girlfriend loves using Yelp and Instagram. Do you do anything gamification wise? I.E. Badges? I know she really loves that type of stuff, so curious on your opinion here. Thanks! Ben
@benmlevy Hi Ben. Right now users can earn “coins” for logging and other engagement activities. Coins will be redeemable for dining vouchers, pop-dinners, coupons, etc. in the future. We think this is a better form of rewards than badges as the novelty of that may wear out (i.e. Foursquare). These coins have future value redeemable for real food.:)