Yuh Game

Keep the white balls in the circle

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Burak BUDAKMaker@burakbudak · Product Manager
We are very excited and proud to share our new game on the ProductHunt. Yuh game created by 2 entrepreneur from Batman, Turkey! And yes, Batman is a city of Turkey. :) "Yuh" is a exclamation of surprise in Turkish and people who plays the game uses this word when game gets harder. That's why we used it as a name of the game. Yuh game has 40 levels right now. We are working on new levels and they will come up with updates. Thank you for your support and comments.
Metin ÖZHANMaker@metinozhan
Hello World! We really enjoyed when developing the game and I hope you will also enjoy when playing it. "Yuh" game starts easy and gets harder at next levels. We will be adding new levels asap on updates. Thanks to ProductHunt for being a place that we share our game and to ProductHunters.