The new era of social messaging

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Its weird being a Millennial and seeing all these new social apps which make me think - I don't get it? Have I been left in the technical dust already?! This seems to be touching on the recent wave of 'texting in public' - but realistically, isn't that what Twitter essentially is too? Seems that people are paying attention to the current social platforms and taking certain aspects and packaging them in a variety of ways. Where essentially, the goals seem to be pretty aligned - follow people, see what they are up to, buy the stuff, climb the next new social ladder. Also find it weirdly wonderful and baffling how so many social apps have crossover with a slightly different execution or look/feel. For me, things like that make it difficult for me to see why I'd use certain apps but seems that the younger audiences enjoy subtleties. Yubl seems to be targeting the YouTube Vlog crowd - often a crowd that can rave or ruin an app.
@bentossell I feel like this model requires a lot of effort or attention relative to the potential amount of engagement you might get... the cold start problem seems significant, unless maybe it's just focused on super small groups of tight knit friends... i.e. in high school? I think this is our problem, @bentossell — we have too little time on our hands and we're not bored enough to really see how these apps fit into our lives. There's definitely a stratification happening in social technology. Are we entering the age of the enterprise cohort?!
While I don't think this catch on at a massive level, and I don't see myself using this, It is refreshing to see a design that is so playful and interactive.
Yubl is a new social network very much aimed at the millennial audience. Create text or image posts, change the design, font, and colour and add layers of stickers. You can add stickers to your post that work as buttons, either revealing information when you tap on them, or working as a counter so you can create polls to share with your followers
Your problem will be traction. There is a lot of competition in this space. Social groups follow an alpha, and that alpha convinces the rest of the group to use a new app.