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@rrhoover @anthonyha very cool! Youtube is basically generating demand for their paid advertising.. very smart.
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@rrhoover @anthonyha Realllly Interesting !! The way YouTube makes video creation easier is a great thing for everyone,and in this case for businesses. Look forward to try it on Android.
@rodrigoreis22 @rrhoover @anthonyha at least if your in america. .. dislike it when apps come out not for your region, what is this DVD all over again?! :)
@rrhoover @anthonyha you know it's a good video when you get that warm fuzzy feeling at the end.
@rrhoover @anthonyha this looks very interesting
Only on the iPhone? Whaaaaat??
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@manikarthik yeah that's weird. What happened to Android exclusives recently
@reot004 :( Not cool Google, Not cool.
"The YouTube Director app is currently only available for iPhone in the US and Canada. Coming soon to Android." Damn it Google!!! *shakes fist*
@bgiesing39 Does anyone know when it will be released for Germany? *shakes both fists*
This is a really smart move. Removes the friction and fear from creating ads for regular people.
@gollyjer regular people don't buy ads really.
This actually really makes sense. Smart way to lure smaller businesses into advertising on YouTube. But not only that, it also helps brands make more personal ads, it seems. Something videos ads could use, in my opinion. Overall, seems nice :)