YouTube 2nd Screen

Chrome Extension: YouTube Second screen for your browser

So, you want to read on a website and at the same time watch YouTube videos on a second screen without switching back and forth?
This extension creates a new second screen on your browser, so you can watch YouTube Videos and read on a website at the same time without switching between different tabs.
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Usually when I watch a YouTube video I do some research at the same time and listening to the YouTube video in parallel. Switching back and forth was kind of a hassle because sometimes I don't know which tab I opened for the YouTube video or which tab I opened for the research. Therefore I implemented this small plugin where you can watch a YouTube video and at the same time surf on the internet without losing track of either of them. What do you think? Do you have any improvement suggestions? Let me hear your thoughts.
The plugin also hide any YouTube ads. Even though it's not the main focus, it's a nice plus.