Record any YouTube video into an Mp3 or Mp4

Record YouTube videos to mp3 (audio), mp4 (video) or gif (image). with Yout, the internet DVR (Digital Video Recorder). Works for Facebook, Vimeo, Twitch, Twitter, VK, YT, Instagram, SoundCloud and many more sites.

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there's SO MANY tools like this. I personally like "YouTube Center" which adds a download menu to every video and lets you pick to download it as different movie types of an mp3: @nadermx how come you decided to make a tool like this given the existing ones out there?
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@_jacksmith Well, there was already yahoo, lycos, dogpile, before google came out. Sometimes something is missing in the niche.
@nadermx right... but google was clearly better. I'm just wondering what about this product is actually different and why you decided to make it?
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@nadermx @_jacksmith What is it that is missing in the niche?
@dan_e_gray @_jacksmith maybe just the right name
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How much did it cost to have this featured on @ProductHunt ?! Surely this is the only sane explanation as to why this one, out of the other 4,870,964 youtube to mp3 sites, was suddenly featured. @nadermx don't take offense from my comment. You have a clean design and sharp name, good work. My confusion / lack of faith lies with @producthunt not you or your product, again clean minimal site, I can dig it.
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@tycrollins yeah, I was very confused how it's got so many upvotes with (presently) only 1 positive comment
@tycrollins No offence taken. It cost nothing to get this featured. Was my third time submitting a project I had made. I can only say about why it made a difference in what I said earlier to Jack Smith, sometimes the niche is missing something. I guess I just happened to be at the right place at the right time. I'm blown away it got this much attention to be honest.
@_jacksmith did you actually try and do a search on it?
@nadermx yep, I tried it. not something that I'd use, as I already have a few options (per my workflow above). But it seems well coded and very fast. FYI the https example link on the front page seems to be broken. Link converts slashes to %2F and shows no video: tried on a mac and a pc
@_jacksmith @tycrollins Same thing happening for me. Shame because I wanted to grab the new DJ Earworm year in review song.
As someone who works with creators a lot I find it a pity that these products are being featured. They are tools used for freebooting content and cause lost views and revenue for content creators. Despite that, I still want to compliment you as it looks significantly better than most alternatives.
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@joostmq Totally agree with you. It is literally a breach of contract in the Youtube terms of service to use these services unless the uploader makes it freely available. Also it is illegal in countries like NZ to download Mp3s of artists from youtube.
@joostmq Thank you for the kind words. Took me a very long time to figure out what to do with it. In terms pf you saying I am hurting the content producers, I made Yout a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) that lets you make personal recordings of publicly available media for later use, so I think I'm allowing the content producers work to be enjoyed at the appropriate time.
Nice thing about this tool is that it lets you search YouTube right from the app and converts to mp3.
I tried it but no response from the site. Is their an issue please
@workstationw will check into this. Thank you