Make, sign, & share NDAs in 60 seconds

Quickly fill in a potential business partner's name & email, then a short description of your venture to generate a standard mutual NDA. Sign on your phone, then text or email as a PDF.
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Hey Product Hunt! We often find ourselves hanging out riffing on potential product ideas with friends and friends-of-friends, and we wanted to have a super quick way to make those conversions just a little more serious. We want to feel like we can talk about our best ideas, and we like having an NDA sitting in our inboxes the next morning to remind us to keep the conversation going. We're fans of the FrieNDA concept that was on PH several months ago, and we wanted to add a smooth mobile experience with a central place to store your past agreements. Let us know what you think!
So awesome! Congratulations on the launch @nickswider and team!
It doesn’t get any easier
Not available in the U.K. or Canada AppStore’s e
Thanks for your interest @stars7up! We wanted to start getting feedback in the US market before adding the complexity of international legal requirements. I hope we can clear those hurdles and broaden the reach soon!
Would definitely try when it get on the Canadian app store.
Thanks @yannick_veronneau — we’ll let you know when we open it up!